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Kingsdale Excavation with Ingleborough Archaeology Group

In May 2009, several UWHG members, who are also members of Ingleborough Archaeology Group, took part in the excavations of a Mesolithic site in Kingsdale, near Ingleton.

We endured all extremes of weather, from hot sunshine to blustery and wet days, in which the tent almost blew away.

Under the watchful eye of Dr Nigel Melton and Hannah Russ from Bradford University, the dig took down the site layer by layer, extending the 2008 trench which had revealed a fire pit. By the end of the week, our efforts were rewarded with the discovery of some beautiful examples of worked flint.


For more information about the Kingsdale dig see IAG’s website

Jane Lunnon
UWHG Archivist.

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