Meetings and Talks

Details of each talk are published on this website about a month beforehand, sometimes earlier, or you can send an email to with your queries. Evening talks are held at 7.30pm in the Soroptimist Rooms, 28 Otley Street, Skipton BD23 1HG. Talks are £1.50 for UWHG members, otherwise £3.

Non-members are welcome, to register your interest send an email to

2020 Talks programme


In the light of the Government’s Road Map, the committee of the Upper Wharfedale Heritage Group is considering how to offer talks to members and guests.  Webinars have been arranged for April and May and are listed here.  Details of arrangements for these talks and those planned for October, November and December will be sent to members via email and be posted here.


See talks from our programme on YouTube


We are fortunate to have obtained recorded versions of some talks from our programme and on related topics which are available to view on our dedicated YouTube channel here.  The details of the talks from November and December 2020 are below:

Non-members are welcome to attend our talks, to register your interest send an email to

Thursday 1st April: A talk by Shirley Everett on ‘Building stones of the Yorkshire Dales’.

Stone is a traditional building material throughout Britain. From the 16th century and in particular the 17th century, many buildings were built using local stone, this local stone varies with the geology of the local area. This talk is based on work carried out in 2012 for the Strategic Stone Study, a joint project between English Heritage and the British Geological Survey, which was based in the Yorkshire Dales and looks at the variety of building stone used in vernacular buildings in the Dales.

A link to this talk will be sent out to members and guests on 1st April.  Members will have the opportunity to send in questions via email.

Thursday 6th May: A talk by Paul Tomany on 'The Upper Palaeolithic in Eurasia'.

Government restrictions imposed to combat the threat of coronavirus mean that we will not be able to offer a walk in May as we would in normal years.  However, we are pleased to be able to announce that on Thursday 6 May at 7.30 pm we will be holding a further webinar. 

In this, Paul Tomany will be speaking on The Upper Palaeolithic in Eurasia.

The Upper Palaeolithic is considered the first time Humans developed the cognitive abilities to produce artworks and complex societies. It has been called a revolution in the mental evolution of our species and has prompted much debate amongst the specialists that study this period. The talk will briefly contextualise the period and then concentrate on the development of ‘art’ over the considerable time period up until the Mesolithic. Questions raised are: Is art the key indicator of the cultural evolution of our species? Did mixing with Neanderthals have any effect? Why was there an apparent explosion of symbolic expression?

A link to this talk will be sent out to members and guests on 6th May.  Members will have the opportunity to send in questions via email.