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July 2011 – the Summer Recess… well… almost…

With the high-summer moratorium still in force, the three-week Chapel House Wood excavation making demands on many of the TFB Recording Team member and for some, the holiday period, very little Traditional Farm Building survey work was carried out

July 2011-1.jpg

The reason for the absence of UWHG Building Recording Teams … 
(Note the ever present field barn in the distance!)  © Pat Carroll

The UWHG Recording Teams took this opportunity to complete reports and prepare these, and their photographs, for inclusion in an ever-swelling archive.

Without straying into the meadows, Team 3, minus Vera but plus Michelle, one of our members from the USA, mapped and photographed the Kettlewell Village TFB’s – both those still in agricultural use and those now converted, 35 in all.

This exercise augmented the earlier Starbotton Village reconnaissance, so that the record now includes both field and village sited buildings throughout the parish, bringing the total possible sites for TFB’s up to 199.

However, we are still two sections of the First Edition of the OS Map missing - and these need to be scrutinised for former buildings before we can be reasonably confident about the total.

Whilst walking the highways and byways in and around Kettlewell, the augmented Team 3 strolled along a woodland footpath to admire a restored limekiln and then continued to explore a most unlikely TFB location which had been found marked on an early map.

They were delighted to find that this structure still existed, well, existed in part, next to the footpath, in a cluster of tiny enclosures, surrounded by dense woodland.

Looking older than many of the standing buildings we had previously studied, it would be interesting to identify exactly what this small building once was…

July 2011-2.jpg

With thick battered walls, in more than one meaning of the word, rectangular in

plan form – halfway up the hill slope…   © Pat Carroll

Autumn will allow the UWHG work to resume, throughout the Parish of Kettlewell with Starbotton, and the opportunity for additional group members to participate, if they so wish.

Phil & Pat Carroll


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