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May 2012 ‘Boskins, Booses and Barns’


Last month, May, saw Recording Team 3 visit Hag Dyke and a cocktail consisting of two parts Team 3 and one part Team 5 finished the remaining four buildings at Moor End, work that brought us to the formal end of the surveying period by members of the UWHG for the traditional farm buildings within the parish of Kettlewell with Starbotton.
With the occasional exception, all two hundred plus locations that were identified have been visited and recording has taken place. Though some written and drawn reports are still at the production stage, we turned our attention to compiling material for one of the two Upper Wharfedale Heritage Group contributions to the 2012 Festival of British Archaeology, a display of work entitled ‘Boskins, Booses and Barns’ that focuses on the initial fieldwork phase of the project.

May 2012-1.jpg

Overview of Starbotton village from the western flank of the valley side
© Phil Carroll

The preliminary work that group members have contributed resulted in a wealth of raw data that now needs careful and structured evaluation, assessment and detailed analysis – certainly a project for dark Autumn and Winter evenings.
However the project has highlighted so many interesting aspects that the UWHG committee decided on a two part display presentation for the contributions to the 2012 and 2013 Festivals of British Archaeology – one this year, on the fieldwork and initial impressions, followed by a display, next year, that picks up the findings and the analysis.

May 2012-2.jpg

An unusual wall feature – a wooden relieving arch over a stable doorway
         © Peter Gallagher

We hope that this on-going diary since March 2011 helped to introduce the subject and kept members updated of the progress of the project as well as being of interest to a wider readership.

May 2012-3.jpg

A late autumn photograph of a valley floor field barn  © Phil Carrol

Phil & Pat Carroll

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This shippon has two rows of stalls either side of the foddergang,

note also the cranked boskin posts.            © Jane Lunnon

Pat Carroll

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