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Your health and safety for the Bridge Marker Project

It is important that you consider the health and safety of yourself and anyone with you when searching for Bridge Markers or by looking at aspects of the bridge that appear to have been modified in its life time.   By their very nature, Bridge Markers will be sited alongside roads. Some of these roads will be very busy. It is your responsibility to assess each situation carefully so that you minimise the risk of any accidents.

Here are a few considerations, but assess each individual risk yourself.

  • Park your car in a safe location before walking to the possible marker location.

  • Minimise the number of people at any one location.

  • If the bridge is on a corner, consider whether a ‘lookout’ is required for approaching cars.

  • Walk in single file on roads without pavements or other walkways.

  • Look for Markers during bright or sunny weather, allowing others to see you easily.

  • Wear bright clothes.

  • Only take photographs of bridges or markers from publicly accessible places.

  • If you assess the risk as unacceptable, do not visit that marker or bridge. Please report the location and the team will make arrangements to visit that site.


Please also consider other people. Do not damage fences, bushes, or trees when searching for markers or accessing bridges. Please thank any drivers or others who are inconvenienced.

If accessing the river bank to take photos please ensure it is safe to do so and avoid muddy or slippery locations and times of high river flow.


Chris Lunnon, Shirley Everett. September 2021

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