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RTI Photography Equipment List

This is a basic list based on our experiences of using RTI at Embsay and may require modifying for other situations

  • Camera capable of being used in manual exposure mode and supporting the use of off-camera flash e.g. DSLR ( either full or cropped sensor) or interchangeable lens mirrorless camera.

  • Camera lens covering 35mm focal length for full frame or 24mm cropped sensor. If using for vertical downwards shots ensure that a zoom lens does not suffer from 'zoom creep' or ideally use a prime lens (occasionally a wider angle lens may be required)

  • 2 sturdy tripods

  • Remote flash trigger (either IR or radio)

  • Remote shutter release (not cable)

  • Flashgun capable of being used remotely and having manual exposure control

  • Red or black snooker ball, mountable on one of the tripods, ideally having a white disk mounted behind it to enable the RTI builder software to better detect the ball.

  • Spare batteries and memory cards

  • Length of string