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Preparing the images for use in RTI Builder

Create a directory in the root directory for your RTI projects (e.g. C:\rti_projects)
N.B. all directory names should have no spaces and contain only lower case characters

1  Create a sub-directory to take the images e.g C:\rti_projects\downloads

2  Download the card contents into the downloads directory

3  Rename files into lower case characters (inc. extension) Programs such as Bulk Rename or Rename-it allow this to be done simply

4  Create a directory for each gravestone and 2 sub-directories, jpeg-exports and original-captures (Note that it is jpeg-exports NOT jpg-exports!)

   e.g. C:\rti_projects\grave_id\jpeg-exports and C:\rti_projects\grave_id\original-captures

5  If shooting JPGs then transfer the files to the jpeg-exports  sub_directory and proceed to the RTI  Builder program instructions here


If you shoot the RTI images as raw files then this is a possible workflow using Adobe Lightroom

1  Transfer the files from the download directory into the appropriate original-captures sub-directory

2  Import the original-captures directory into Lightroom

3  Select a representative image and apply keystoning  correction and cropping etc. (don’t perform any exposure compensation)

4  Synchronise these setting to all other files in the folder

9  Export JPGs to the jpeg-exports sub_directory
       colour space: sRGB
       quality: 100%
       resolution: 300 ppi
       metadata: all

10 Optionally remove the files from Lightroom catalog depending on your own workflow