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Great Fire of Embsay

The following article was published in the Embsay News Parish Magazine, in May 2011.

During our research into Embsay and Eastby history, we discovered the following article from the Newcastle Courant dated 1 September 1733:

'From Skipton in Craven, that on Sunday, 11th August last past, about noon, a most dreadful fire broke out at Embsay, in the same Parish and neighbourhood, which, not withstanding all the assistance that cou'd possibly be made (the wind being so right) burnt down, and utterly consumed in the space of three hours, 46 dwelling - houses, besides barns, stalls, and out-houses &c whereby most of the sufferers have lost all their Goods, Hay, and winter fewel (sic); the damage is modestly computed at 20001 and upwards'

The cost of the damage was about £2000.00 in 1733, a lot of money. It would appear from further research that nobody died during the fire. But we would like to try and find out what area of the village was affected. If anyone has any information or if those of you living in houses built pre-1733 who have any signs of burnt timbers in their roofs/houses we would love to hear from you.

Written by : Sue, Tony and Jennifer Stearn, Embsay Research Group (UWHG).

Acknowledgements : We thank Revd. Louise Taylor Kenyon for allowing us access to research done by the late Revd. Alan Kitchen.